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Hex Head Bolts

Hex head boltsWe produce different types of hot forged cold formed bolts in almost all shapes & sizes.We also provide passivation,quality coating further processing as per client's requirement.By Default we provide Hex Head Bolts as per DIN Standard 931 & DIN Standard 933 .We produce premium quality Hex Head Bolts from Nickel Alloys ,Stainless Steels,Super Alloys,Duplex steels & Super Duplex,Copper & Copper Alloys,Aluminum Alloys,Bronze alloys ,Titanium grades with ASTM/ASME/DIN/ISO Standards & Specifications.


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Hex Head Bolt Socket Cap Screw Carriage Bolt Anchor Bolt Hanger Bolt
Shoulder Bolt Flange Bolt Elevator Bolt Lag Bolt Machine Bolt
Plow Bolt Step Bolt Stove Bolt Tap Bolt Draw Bolt
Eye Bolt U Bolt J Bolt Grub Screw/Set Screw  




DIN Standards

DIN 931 : DIN EN ISO 4014 DIN 931-1 DIN 931-2 DIN 933 : DIN EN ISO 4017 DIN 960 : DIN EN ISO 8765, DIN EN ISO 8676
DIN 961 : DIN EN ISO 8676     DIN 6914: DIN EN 14399-4 DIN 7991 : DIN EN ISO 10642


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