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A thread is a ridge of uniform section in the form of a helix on the internal or external surface of a cylinder (IFI description) or it could be described as a sloping plane curled around a cylinder.

Basic Features Major (nominal) diameter
  Effective (pitch) diameter
  Minor (root) diameter


External threads are on bolts or screws.

Internal threads are on nuts.

There are many forms of threads but two types are in common use on fasteners.

Machine Screw Threads - used on bolts, setscrews, machine screws and designed to mate with preformed threads in nuts or tapped holes.

Exceptions may be thread forming screws like Taptite or self-drilling screws like Teksor thread cutters like Type 23's, which form or cut their own machine screw thread.

Spaced Threads - used on woodscrews, self-tapping screws, coach screws and Type 25 thread cutters. Designed to form its own thread, usually in a pre-drilled hole.

Exceptions may be self piercing screws such as needle points or self-drilling screws like Type 17's which create their own hole; some Teksmay also have spaced threads.


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