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ASTM/ASME Specified Bolt Fasteners

nutWe produce premium quality Bolts from various metals & metal alloys with ASTM/ASME/DIN Standards & Specifications.

Below is the list of ASTM Specification for Bolt fasteners. You can navigate through for Full Description on each type of Bolt Fasteners and their subsequent Sub type grades.


ASTM Specifications for Bolt Fasteners

A193  - Alloy steel and stainless steel bolting materials for high temperature or high pressure service.
  •  - Carbon steel bolts and studs, 60,000 psi tensile strength.
  •  - Alloy steel and stainless steel bolting materials for low temperature service.
  •  - Structural bolts, steel, heat treated, 120/105 ksi minimum tensile strength.
  •  - Quenched and tempered alloy bolts, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners.
  •  - Quenched and tempered steel bolts and studs for general use.
  •  - High temperature Bolting with expansion co-efficient comparable to Austenitic Stainless Steel
  •  - Structural bolts, alloy steel, heat treated, 150 ksi minimum tensile strength.
F568  - Standard for metric bolts, screws and studs that are used in general engineering applications
  •  - Stainless steel bolts, hex cap screws, and studs.
  •  - Anchor bolts designed to anchor structural supports to concrete foundations.



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