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Nut ( Hastelloy C-276 Grade )

nutWe provide exclusive Nut fastenening solutions in High percentage Nickel Alloy grades like Hastelloy C-276.We manufacturer Hastelloy C-276 Nut fasteners from high quality parent material manufactured from the finest mill all across the world. We have ready stock parent material enabling us to commit on quick delivery.We can manuafacture & supply high quality customized hastelloy C-276 fasteners as per client's drawings & Specification.


Nut Type


Hex Nuts Heavy Hex Nut Cap Nut Acorn Nut Serrated Flange Nut
Coupling Nut Square Nut Castle Nut Wing Nut Flange Lock Nut
Flex Lock Nut High Nut Kep Nut Jam Nut Nylon Lock Nut
Slotted Nut Reversible Lock Nut Custom Nut T Nuts  




Hastelloy Equivalent Material & Designation

Hastelloy B2 EN/DIN 2.4617 UNS N10665 Alloy B2
Hastelloy C-22 EN/DIN 2.4819 UNS N26022 Alloy C22
Hastelloy C-276 EN/DIN 2.4819 UNS N10276 Alloy C276


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