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Hastelloy C22 Bolt | Alloy C22 Bolts

Alloy C22 BoltsTorqBolt offer Bolt products in almost all exotic material including hastelloy C22.We manufacture these hastelloy C22 bolts in half thread ,full thread length with size from M5 upto M72 & above on request.These Alloy C22 bolts are supplied with superior surface finish. We at TorqBolt keep a regular stock of these material so as to enable timely production & Delivery.


Bolts Type



Surface & Coatings


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Hastelloy Equivalent Material & Designation

Hastelloy B2 EN/DIN 2.4617 UNS N10665 Alloy B2
Hastelloy C-22 EN/DIN 2.4819 UNS N26022 Alloy C22
Hastelloy C-276 EN/DIN 2.4819 UNS N10276 Alloy C276

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